Why every day, more than 75,000 Retailers across India depend on Card Swipe Machines' to Securely and Reliably manage their Payment Acceptance?

It's simple! 3 steps within 10 seconds

Swipe or Insert

Enter the amount and swipe or insert the card

Enter PIN

Customer to enter the PIN to authenticate the transaction

Complete Transaction

Done! Send digital receipt to customer via SMS or Email

Welcome To Card Swipe Machines

With the expansion of digital payments on the rise throughout India, more and more customers are wanting to pay for products and services using their credit cards when transacting with businesses like yours.

It's estimated that the number of people paying digitally will grow from 50 – 60 million to 300 million by the year 2020 and that by the year 2023, the use of non-cash payment options will surpass that of cash!


  • - Reliable and quick services
  • - Accepts all kind of payment through your card
  • - Gives customers the Flexibility of payment options
  • - Certainty of boosting your footfalls

Enhanced application

  • - Stable and secure, user-friendly software
  • - Reliable technology powered by Wirecard, AG to ensure highest transaction success rate
  • - Real time report of all transactions on your phone
  • - Geo Tagging - Track where your transaction takes place
  • - Multi-user login option to accept payments

easy integration

  • - Get your settlement in your preferred bank account
  • - Day end statement to track all payment details in an easy format
  • - Quick Resolution Team to handle queries and grievances
  • - Efficient Reversal policies aligned to our merchant's interest
  • - No repairs direct replacement of the device in case of malfunction
  • - White label services for larger clients

Dedicated crm portal

  • - Track transactions in real time
  • - View the exact location of where the transaction is being done
  • - When in doubt, there is always an option to reverse the transaction
  • - Options to get central access for merchants who use multiple devices

pricing - this will definitely bring a smile to your face

  • - Our pricing is very transparent which means "No hidden cost"
  • - No minimum transaction limits to enable your business to grow
  • - Friendly Buy-out or pocket friendly rental plans for the device

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